National Virtual Conference 2022:


Building Organisational Resilience for a Stronger Future


Conference Speakers:

Sarah Law

Sarah Law is a Chartered Occupational Psychologist with many years’ experience of successful working across multiple sectors. She works with leaders at all levels, being particularly mindful of the impact they have on organisational culture. All of her work is designed to enable development, build capability and embed sustainability. Sarah engages leaders and senior teams with her enthusiastic and practical approach to addressing challenges and maximising opportunities.

Celynn Morin

Celynn Morin: Wellbeing Whisperer and Director at Resilient Energy Center UK, has been delivering workplace well-being programmes for over two decades. She is a registered dietitian, award-winning international speaker and co-author of two books. She helps leaders and their teams who are challenged by stress to enrich the quality of their lives; to have more energy; to sleep with ease and to feel more in control of their physical, emotional and mental health. This provides countless benefits such as improved productivity and engagement.

Paul Laffey

Paul has over 30 years’ experience of working in both the Private and Charitable Sectors. He has been the Chief Executive of Burton YMCA since 1999. Here he has led on the expansion and development of the services. The YMCA in Burton provides emergency housing, supported housing accommodation, an emergency food bank, a furniture service, family mediation, counselling and a chaplaincy service. Over 10,000 people access the YMCA services on an annual basis. Paul values the support of a strong Board of Trustees, a highly skilled staff team and a large bank of dedicated volunteers in delivering these vital community services.

Paul volunteers as a Trustee for a number of local charities and joined the Board of YMCA England and Wales in 2014 which supports 101 local YMCAs. He is passionate about good governance, supporting young people, the homeless and helping to transform vulnerable lives. Paul enjoys spending time with his family, volunteering, cycling and attending his local Church. He is an avid reader and enjoys being a member of a book club.

Chris Bray

Chris Bray: CEO at Newcastle Dog & Cat Shelter is a strategic leadership professional working at national and local charities based in the UK. He has a successful track record of managing nonprofit organisations, operations and communications at executive level. Key skills include strategic thinking, organisational design, budgeting, reporting, communication, team development and mentoring. He is passionate to continually develop his learning as well as staff and volunteers who he works alongside.