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ella Forums Board Director Amy Malik shining the light on International Women’s Day

This is an excerpt from a blog posted on the Pilotlight website to celebrate International…
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How to Build Your Confidence to Lead Authentically by Emily Petty

When I first stepped up to become a senior leader, I made a few mistakes.…
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Trustee Manual and other useful resources for Trustees

The Irish Charities Regulator is an excellent source of simple, generalised template materials - the…
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FREE Masterclass: Build Confidence and Lead Your Way

*FREE live masterclass* Wednesday 2 December 12pm: Build Confidence & Lead Your Way Leaders all…
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Trustees’ Week 2020

ella Forums is celebrating Trustees' Week 2020 by saying a huge thank you to all…
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Why invest in the development of the leadership in your charity? Danny Kalman, CEO of Ella Forums

We are all fully aware that there are so many demands on our charities, especially…
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Chair Blogs

Be Present not Perfect by Emily Petty

I was an ambitious fundraising leader. I wanted to raise more money for the causes…
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