Central Forum Appoints new Chair for 2022

By 12/03/2022Chair Blogs

Our growing Central Forum has this month welcomed a new Chair to support our central charity leaders, Aidan. Aidan will be facilitating the Central Forum monthly meetings, his session will include time for ‘action learning’ – members of the group bring an opportunity, challenge or issue to the session and together, through a structured process, the opportunity, challenge or issue is explored and possible solutions generated. We caught up with Aidan prior to his first meeting on March 17th. 

Thank you for talking with us Aidan, tell us a bit about yourself… 

I am an Executive Coach working with leaders for 16 years in this capacity, internationally and across all sectors. Before I retrained as a coach 17 years ago, I had had a long career in Human Resources, starting in the NHS and ending up as HRD EMEA for Sony’s B2B businesses. I am lucky to have found my vocation in coaching. I live in Farnham in Surrey with my wife, and the last of my four children still with me. In my spare time I play lead guitar in a band – my other long term passion. 

What made you consider joining ella Forums as a chair?  

A good friend told me about ella Forums and that they were looking for more Chairs. Having led a lot of action learning sessions over the last few years for senior leaders in industry and seen the power and usefulness of peer coaching for them, I wanted to provide this service to leaders in the third sector, for the benefit of themselves, their teams and the clients they serve. One of the things I love about peer coaching is when you help one, you actually help many, as of course leaders have a position of great influence over many. 

What are your plans as the new Chair of the Central Forum?  

As the new Chair, my first plan is to get to know the members and to hear how ella Forums can best serve them within the context of these meetings. My aim is that together, we co-create a Forum meeting that is a “must do, have to do, love to do” date in the calendar of these important people, as it is just so helpful with their most important issues. And of course, to see the Forum grow, as it attracts other leaders. And, finally, to enjoy ourselves as we do some serious work. 

In your opinion, what advice would you give to those considering joining the membership?  

Personally, I love cliches, they tell us things that are generally true about the world. So, it is “lonely at the top” for many, and there can be a feeling in many leaders that they must meet their challenges alone. If you want to get practical and supportive assistance with your biggest challenges, and help others with theirs, this is your opportunity to come together with other leaders, find out you are not alone in the challenges you face, and to be encouraged and energised.