ella Forums appoints new Chief Development and Membership Officer

By 13/09/2021Board Blogs

2021 brings successful launches of new forums across the UK and Wales as well as bringing on new members to be supported by ella Forums. Due to this success, ella Forums has appointed a Chief Membership and Development Officer, Julie Pelych, also known as the chair for Southern Forum.  We have loved talking to her about her background and why she joined ella Forums. 

Julie, welcome to ella Forums! You’ve had such a positive impact already in only a few weeks, tell us about yourself: 

For the last 26 years I’ve been running my own business which focuses on leadership development and executive coaching and I’m passionate about helping people and teams be the best they can be. I’m loving having the opportunity of using my skills and experience gained as both a coach, facilitator and business manager to help ella Forums achieve its mission of helping charities grow and thrive. Over the years I’ve worked with many impressive and successful leaders in a wide range of organisations and I’ve learnt tips and techniques from them which I can now share with others in my ella role.  

On a personal front I live in Brighton and love to walk in the South Downs and by the sea. My 2 children are now grown up so I have time to do volunteering work alongside my “day job”. 

What has been your most memorable moment at ella Forums to date? 

It has to be the co-hosting of the virtual conference in May. We had 100 people attending our sessions and it was great to see our members enjoying the speakers and finding them useful. Getting positive feedback afterwards made all the work to organise it worthwhile!

If someone was to ask the question ‘why become a member of ella Forums?’ What would you say? 

It’s a safe space and welcoming community for Charity leaders where they can share experiences and learn from each other, as well as receive advice and coaching from the ella Forum Chair.

Lastly, what made you join the Board of ella Forums and what is your mission?

I’ve really enjoy being an ella Forum Chair and have seen first-hand the positive impact we can have on our members and their organisations. I joined the Board to help develop and improve the service we offer to our members as well as to help grow the number of members so that we can reach even more leaders and organisations.