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ella forums leadership development meetings usually take the form of face to face sessions with expert speakers for learning and peer to peer meetings for support and coaching.
For now, though, given the unprecedented situation, all sessions will be held via Zoom free of charge until such time that face to face meetings can resume.  This is a great opportunity to join, experience and learn from a range of specialist speakers nationally & sector leaders locally at no charge.

About ella Forums

ella Forums were set up in 2013 by Brian Chernett, the Founder of The Academy for Chief Executives, which for 18 years has helped thousands of CEOs achieve measurable results for their organisations via a holistic leadership development programme. The tried and tested methods that worked for leaders in the commercial sector have been adapted to inspire leaders in charities and social enterprises. Our values are: Curiosity, Creativity, Courage and Love.

why choose ella?

Charities & Social Enterprises

ella Forums was established to bring a successful development and peer mentoring programme from the commercial world to help charity leaders become more effective in their role. ella brings new ideas and techniques to your organisation adding priceless value to your cause.


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You won’t understand how amazing ella Forums are until you’ve experienced one of our Forum. We would encourage you to find the next event and register for your free trial. Meet some great people and hear from one of our world-class speakers. Book now or call  020 7164 6206

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Socially Aware Businesses

ella Forums also welcome socially aware businesses to join our groups. We have found that the upside for both business and charity is greater than the average leadership program. The interplay and thought process between members makes the world a better place.



“Since joining one of the ella groups I have developed a greater sense of social purpose and how as an MD I can be supportive to others. One of the other major benefits has been the connection with like-minded MD’s of other small organisations whether they are in the charity or commercial sector—it’s like “tapping into the wisdom of the people in the room”.”

Rupert HonywoodMD

“I can come to ella and discuss things with that support that I can then go back to volunteers with and help them and push them with their development.”


“ella is a crucial way for leaders of charities to gather support and develop their own leadership ability, which is a key ingredient for organisational success.”


“Everyone has very similar issues and, in fact, even in different types of charities many of the solutions and the way you reach the solutions are actually the same. So, learning from my peers is probably the most important part of the experience for me.”

Lorrain GaileyCEO

“The thing that really inspires me about the ella leadership group is the opportunity to be able to come together with other Chief Execs and MDs from the not for profit sector, to be able to share issues in a safe environment, and to be able to hear from some of the best brains.”

Sue PortoCEO

“It’s like a family coming together. We have common causes. We are all different, but we have common links because we are trying to do something better for our cause.”


“My entire organisation has completely changed with the help that I have had from ella Members.”

John CarrollCEO

“It’s made a big difference to me personally, but it has also made a difference to my organisation... sparked ideas... re-prioritising issues.”

Ellie PendredCEO


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