Forum sessions are run in a workshop style that is interactive, informal and above all, confidential. You will have the benefit of the wisdom of up to twelve charity leaders who wish to see you succeed. There is no hidden agenda, just sharing common issues and giving and receiving new insights.

Members of each ella forum are from non-competing organisations – 10 to15 in a group ensuring a desire to support each other.

The core objective for each group is to support the growth of the participants’ organisations through developing each leader’s skills, self-awareness and personal advancement.  This is achieved through: peer-to-peer learning, expert speakers, mentoring and coaching.

membership delivers

  1. Monthly peer-to-peer meetings where the focus is on issue management using a proven facilitated process that is action and results oriented.  Members have the opportunity to raise issues and leverage the group’s experience and perspectives to identify potential solutions.
  2. Monthly speaker sessions, webinars and talks hosted by experts on pertinent topics
  3. Individual mentoring from the chair of the forum
  4. The Annual Conference – an opportunity to meet a broader group of leaders and hear from world class speakers on relevant ‘hot topics’
  5. Coaching from qualified executive coaches at the special Ella rate.

peer-to-peer learning

During the peer-to-peer learning sessions the forum members discuss an issue they may be facing in a confidential and non-judgemental environment, facilitated by the Chair. This could be something personal or it could be an organisational issue.  Members find this session invaluable because it helps them resolve problems which they may feel are not appropriate to discuss in their working environment.  They also get the chance to discuss their issue with leaders who operate at their level and manage organisations that are facing similar challenges.

role of the chair

Each ella Forum is led by an experienced Chair. The Chairs are all trained facilitators and coaches as well as experienced business leaders. Each Forum Chair follows up with each member on a monthly basis to ensure that their issues are being addressed.

expert speakers

Industry experts are brought in to speak to members and stimulate ideas. These speakers have been specially selected to address needs relevant to leaders of the Third Sector – ranging from the latest fundraising techniques in social media, to strategies for running a business, through to managing stress.  Typically the speaker sessions are highly informative and interactive.  The feedback from members is extremely positive and they clearly gain a lot of value from the expertise of the speakers.


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