Speaker Sessions

Speaker Presentation: Gill Martin - The Role of Leader as Coach

October 2023

Speaker: Gill Martin

Gill is an Accredited Master Executive Coach (APECS) and coaches leaders from a wide range of organisations. She also works with leaders to help them find ways to coach their people and teams more often. Gill chairs our ella Central Forum and you can find out more on LinkedIn – click here

Time-strapped leaders often find themselves defaulting to an old-school management approach: tell rather than ask. But solving problems instead of helping people find their own solutions perpetuates bottlenecks and fire-fighting. When you choose to coach instead, you’ll build stronger, more self-reliant individuals and teams as well as freeing up your own time to spend on the things that only you can do.

This session focused on the role of leader as coach, presenting coaching as a normal and everyday activity rather than a specialist task requiring lengthy training.

Session takeaways

  • When to coach – seizing opportunities to coach and knowing when not to
  • Explored what stops you coaching now  – what do you need to let go of to feel more confident and comfortable coaching your team?
  • The core skills of coaching – honing the everyday skills of listening, noticing, reflecting and asking questions
  • Tips and techniques – simple tools to keep a coaching conversation on track