National Conference

The ella annual conference took place on 20th May 2021, the theme was Unlock the Future: driving your charity forward in uncertain times.  The speakers were:

Nanci Hogan: Keynote: Setting the Stage for our Post Pandemic Futures. Nanci explored five external trends that have either been introduced or accelerated by the Pandemic followed by the opportunity for attendees to discuss their thoughts amongst themselves.

Edwina Pike: How to help your charity be more strategic.  Strategy vs Tactical: Attendees had the chance to assess where they are now, and where they would like to be; to understand their role in setting strategy and how to bring their Board with them.   Ed also shared a winning approach to a strategy session designed to build alignment and future orientation, including tools and models for each exercise.  And finally she talked about converting strategy into action.

Rich Watkins: Collaboration that works.  A crucial skill for charity leaders is working in collaboration – whether internally or with outside partners. But how can we build collaboration that delivers on its promise? And how can we spot where things might go wrong? In this session Rich orientated attendees around the specifics of particular collaborative projects or teams that matter to them: how they can see what most needs their attention; what steps they can take to shift things in a positive direction.

Julie Pelych chair of the Southern Forum, led a session with ella Forums members sharing their stories regarding facing change and doing things differently as a direct response to the pandemic.