National Conference

The Annual Conference took place on 17th June 2022 and the theme was Building Organisational Resilience for a Stronger Future.

The conference was for current ella Forums members of all the forums.  It was also for guests and for those in the charity or not-for-profit sector who were interested in becoming an ella Forums member.  For the third year running the Annual Conference was held virtually on Zoom and was free of charge. It gave attendees the opportunity to experience and learn from a range of excellent specialist speakers:

Keynote 1: Organisation resilience: What is it, why is it important for leaders and how can we develop it?

In this session Sarah Law, Chartered Occupational Psychologist:

  • Explored the idea of resilience and why it is increasingly important in the world
  • Examined key differences between individual and organisational resilience
  • Considered a framework for Resilience that uses Structures and Mindsets as the dimensions to work with, and
  • Identified how to apply these ideas in practice

Case studies were presented by two ella Forums members: Paul Laffey of Burton YMCA and Chris Bray of Newcastle Dog and Cat Shelter

Keynote 2: Personal resilience: how to develop the confidence and power that all leaders need

Celynn Morin: Wellbeing Whisper and Director at Resilient Energy Center UK lead a session on:

  • Understanding holistic wellbeing and how it relates to overall resilience: mental, emotional and physical.
  • How to build more self awareness and be able to self regulate despite increased stress and overwhelm.
  • If your body were to give you a score, what would it be?  The WELLculator™, provided an insightful lifestyle assessment that looked at various dimensions of wellbeing such as eating on-the-run, hydration, strategic movement, mindfulness, how to ensure a good night’s rest and stress regulation techniques.
  • PERSONAL ACTION PLAN: Live by design not default – a personal pledge exercise at the end of the session gave each participant at least one immediate action that they can take to enhance their personal resilience.